Department of Workshop

Department of Workshop


To Provide Skills & Competencies to Students so as to make them able to Adhere to Newer Technology and Adapt to Changing Needs of both Industries & Society, so as to make them Successful in Every Walk of Life.


Department will provide skills and competencies to students which will make them highly competent for the world of work with the help of highly motivated instructors.

Workshop Department ensures that the skills are inculcated properly. The skills which are imbibed in the students are as follows,
Cognitive Domain ( Knowledge Level ) Cognitive Domain ( Knowledge Level ) Affective Domain ( Attitudinal Level )
Planning & Selecting proper Equipments / Instruments.
Use of appropriate Techniques.
Sequencing the operations.
Locating faults in Instruments
Setting the Equipments / Instruments
Recording the dimensions.
Performing the operations in a designed and desired sequence.
Journal and work book writing.
Ensuring dimensional accuracy.
Observing Safety Precautions.
Developing habit of Enquiry.
Conciousness about Environment.
Confidence Level.
Regularity and Punctuality.
Behavior with Instructors.
Feeling of co-living.
As the Diploma program is motor skills based program, the maximum (80)% marks are assigned to psychomotor skills, where as 10 % marks are assigned to cognitive & Affective skills.
Read and interpret the drawing.
Select suitable Equipments, Instruments and Materials.
Develop Manipulative skills in Setting and handling equipments.
Develop the habit of Enquiry.
Observe Safety Precautions.
Locate faults in Equipments and Instruments.