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I) The particulars of its organization, functions and duties
-- Governement Polytechnic, Bramhapuri - 441206 Distt- Chandrapur is an organization set up for providing Diploma level Engineering education to a common level students throughout Chandrapur district and bring them in nation building.

II) The powers and duties of its officers and employees -- List of Officers and employees along with their duties -
1) Principal - Overall head of the Institution. Administrative and financial power given.
2) HODs - Overall controlling officer of a department. Administrative power for controlling a department. Limited financial power with the concent of Principal for purchases.
3) TPO - Overall head of training & placement cell. Arranges trainings, interviews for students & staff
4) Lecturer - To teach subjects & complete academics work as a resource person. Work as per the guidelines given by HOD's & Principal.
5) Lab Assistant - to help lecturers in conducting practicals, to keep & maintain records of equipments/instruments of laboratory .
6) Lab Attendant - to help Lab assistant in its work, maintain neatness & cleanliness of Lab. 7) Peon - to work in office & help officers & clerks in their work.
8) Hamal - work in a department under HOD.
9) Workshop superintendent - Overall head of stores and workshop. to get work done from staff for workshop practical
10) Foremen - work under W/s, take work done from instructors & supervises the activities. 11) Changeman - work under W/s, take work done from instructors & supervises the activities.
12) Storekeeper - Works under W/s. purchase equipments/materials, keep records of material purchased & consumed. Help departments in purchase activities.
13) Instucters - To get practicals of workshop done by students & work for technical work.
14) Register - Supervision and overall controlling officer of office.
15) Office Superintendent - supervises the work of office .
16) Head Clerk - Supervision and helping of clerks in their work.
17) Clerk - clerical work related to desk such as establishment, account, students, and exam section.
18) Librarian - Incharge of library, purchases & maintain record of library. distribution of books to students.
19) Library Assistant - Help Librarian in supervision & controlling of library. 19) Steno- Work as per Principal's instruction, maintain confidential records.

III) The procedure followed in the decision making process, including channel of supervision and accountability- Decision making process :- Principal is empowered to take decision related to routine, policy & financial matters of the Institution as per the Govt. rules. HODs, workshop superintendent and TPO, Librarian, Registers are empowered to take decision regarding their respective department for the routine work and for financial matters in consultation with the Principal. For most of the work Different committees are formed with Individuals from various department and the committees takes the decision for the work with the approval of the Principal.

IV) The norms set by it for the discharge of its functions -- As per norms set by AICTE & for others work guidelines given by Director of Tech. Education and Board of Tech. Education. Maharashtra State Regulation.

V) The rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records held by it or under its control or used by its employees for discharging functions -- Rules and regulations set up by Govt. of Maharashtra for discharge of its function and instructions given through Director of the Tech. Education. The Records helped by Institution is two types - 1) Employees service records and 2) Students Academic achievement record. 3) Others records related to office.

VI) A statement of the categories of documents that are held by it or under its control -- 1) Office - i) Establishment- Service bookes of employees. Leave record. Pension record. Payment fixation. Employee transfer & their recruitment rules. Correspondence with other offices. ii) Accounting a) Budgeting - Records related to grant allotted maintenance of expenditure, Reconciliation of expenditure. b) Cash transaction - Cash book record maintenance, Cash distribution records. c) billing - Pay bills. T.A. Bill Contingencies Bill send to treasury, Advance maintenance record. d) Audit paras. iii) Students Admission students record T.C. issue record bonafied certificate issue record. Bus & Railway concession issue record. GOI Scholarship & other Scholarship Issuing SC/ST/NT studentsconcessions, EBC, PTC concessions sanctioned from Z.P. and social welfare deptt. iv) Exam Records related to students appearing in exam, exam Result record, Issuing of diploma certificate, maintenance of exam related document. v) Confidential Staff C.R records. correspondence of confidential records. vi) Dispatch Section Inward and outward record keeping maintenance of stamp receipt record. 2) Store - Purchasing of material, good issued register, dead stock and consumable material record. Passing of bills, Issuing Indent record. 3) Library - Purchase of books under library development scheme, book bank scheme. Distribution of book record. Issue & collection records, Issue of Library I- cards 4) Civil Deptt.- Plans of construction of building, repairing and maintenance of building. 5) Electrical - Repairing and maintenance of electric supply & equipments.

VII) The particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with or representation by, the member of the public in relation to the formulation of its policy or implementation thereof -- Curriculum implementation Cell only has representation of students, parents and local Industrialists.

VIII) A statement of the boards, counsils, committees and other bodies consisting of two or more persons constituted as its part or for the purpose of its advice, and as to wheather meetings of those boards counsils, committiees and others bodies are open to the public or the minutes of such meetings are accessible for public -- Not Applicable

IX) A Directory of its officers and employees -

X) The monthly remuneration received by each of its officers and employees including the system of compensation as provided in its regulation -

XI) The budget allocated to each of its agencies, indicating the particulars of all plans, proposed expenditures and reports of disbursements made -- Under Non plan - Salary, T. A. , Contingencies ( M.S. , M.E., O.E.) , departmental scholarship. Under Plan - Library development, book bank, special component, furniture Monthly expenditure record submitted to Joint Director as per grant allotted by DTE & distributed by J. D.

XII) The manner of execution of subsidy programme including the amounts allocated and the details of beneficiaries of such programmes --

XIII) The particulars of receipients of concession, permits or authorization granted by it --

XIV) Details in respecty of the information, available to or held by it in reduced in an electronic form -- Under preperation

XV) The particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information including the working hours of a library or reading room if maintained for public use - On demand information is supplied

XVI) The names, designation and others particulars of the Public Information officers - Information officer - Shri.D.M.Gadhave, Lecturer in Mech.Engg

XVII) Such other information as may be prescribed --.

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